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Setup Classification


Maybe the default set plows, maybe it's unforgiving, or maybe it's just plain slow.

Our Baseline+ RACE Setups aim to be a more comfortable, more stable version of the iRacing default setup. They should be marginally quicker than the default sets, but raw pace is not the first goal. 

These setups are provided to the community free of charge. 

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As the name suggests, the “Driver” setups are for racers who have experience with a car, but do not want to deal with building sets.

These setups should be faster than the Baseline+ sets and include a Qualifying setup.

Driver sets are available for $3 ea with 80% of that fee going directly to the Crew Chief. 

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These are the elusive, best of the best sets. The Elite setups may be more on edge, may be more difficult to drive, but for an experienced / skillful driver they are “certified fast”. 

Elite setups are rare and pricing will be variable based on what the setup is capable of. 

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