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not good

Missing fuel to finish and toooooo much grip to be competitive but... it's a free setup. However they are often better

Positive feedback

It was a great session with Dallas Pataska. Great feedback on things to work on for the race I was preparing for. Also some things to work on in the future. Would recommend it for anyone trying to get better.

Alex is awesome to work with. He's able to really show you different ideas on how to make yourself a faster driver.

Awesome Coach

Alex was great to work with. Patient, smart and willing to help. Will definitely book more sessions with him.

sorry it passed tech

good car. my previous coment had the wrong car loded


The car did not like the bumps under braking and on a long run i had to keep adding more front brake to keep the rear under control..

won't pass tech

again! won't pass tech

Best setup ever

I never drove such a fast and at the same time stable setup before

base line files

just what they say ..why pay for baseline files that are still 3/4 to a full second slower


its garbage setup fix your this garbage


what a nice setup

maybe too low???


I was using this setup and my engine BLOW UP :( I dont hit any car or track bariers - just drive it and on lap 5 of Nordschleife engine blow.. I think car is TOOO LOW. i saw on replay that car maybe hit a ground on coming down the track. Someone have the same issue there


Balance was perfect, looking after the rears was a little tough but paid off on the long runs..

good job

Road Series Pass

For the most part the Setups are great, just a little quicker with the fine tuning to current Setups as iRacing make changes would be great.

ALL Series Pass

Road Series Pass

I've had no luck with your setups. Most of the time I was as fast or faster with the iRacing default setups.

Simply Great

The setup is wonderful. Stable and fast. I picked up 2 seconds almost instantly. I am more of a NASCAR guy but this was easy to pick up and be competitive. Watching the video is also a huge help for someone like myself. Thank you!

Oval Series Pass

Love the Elite setups

wish I could get one every week in the C series! Great setups your guys are doing and with very little adjusting to! Keep em coming Good Day My Friend :)

Great competitive setups

I do fixed mostly because I don’t have time to work on sets. These were fast on the first run. Thank you guys for everything and making it affordable.

Oval Series Pass

Nice but with delays

Most of times the setups aren't there on tuesday 00:00 GMT. But the setups for some cars are amazing! Nice work!

Easy to get competitive

The setups you get hear are very stable and are great ways to get a better setup then the iracing baselines and if your more experienced with setups these are very good base lines to work from and you will find you should not have to tweak them to much to get every last tenth out of the car so if you don’t have time to make your own setups or your not sure how to these are a great way to learn and you will be competitive rite out the gate