You probably came to the Garage looking for setups, but what you are really after... what we are all after, is to get faster. 

Setups play a big part in that and we are glad to offer excellent options, but if you want; long term, sustainable improvement you need to combine those setups with professional coaching. 

Our Crew Chiefs are all pro level drivers who know how to coach. 


Name Car(s) Price Language(s)
Blake Near All Asphalt Oval Cars $25 English
Brian Lockwood All Road Cars $55 English
Dallas Pataska All Asphalt Oval & Road Cars $30 English
Federico Godoy All Road GT Cars $25 Spanish
Jeff Drake All Dirt Cars, Dallara IR18 $25 English
Liam Quinn Dallara IR18 $25 English
Luis Nunez Rallycross & LMP2 $25 English and Spanish
Matteo Calestani All Asphalt Road Cars $25 English and Italian
Mike Rasimas Lotus 79 $25 English

Suellio Almeida

All Road Cars $50 English and Portugese

Thomas Imbourg

Open Wheel Road Cars $25 English and French