Program Overview

The Majors Garage is a set up shop that offers; individual setups, series setup packages and coaching all iRacing members.

If selected as a Crew Chief you will be responsible for submitting "setup packages" each week for your assigned car(s). These packages include; 

1. Race and Qualifying setups (.sto) for at least a "Baseline+" and a Driver Package. 
2. .OLAP file for each of your cars so that customers may "ghost" race against you. 
3. Lap Chart detailing; Lap Times,  weather, Time of Day and Track conditions that you used while building the setups. 
4. A Video lap demonstration for that weeks car / track combo.


Crew Chiefs are paid on a commission basis and retain on average 85% of each sale. (Driver sets, Series Packages, Coaching). Earnings are not limited. 

If all of this sounds good, please APPLY HERE

Thank you for your interest!