Imola | BMW M8 | Baseline+ (FG)
Imola | BMW M8 | Baseline+ (FG)
Imola | BMW M8 | Baseline+ (FG)
Imola | BMW M8 | Baseline+ (FG)
Imola | BMW M8 | Baseline+ (FG)

Imola | BMW M8 | Baseline+ (FG)

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  • Crew ChiefFederico Godoy
  • iRacing Season | 2020 S3
  • Car | BMW M8 GTE
  • Track | Imola
  • Setup Class | Baseline+ 
  • Setup Type | Race & Qualify
  • Fast Lap | 1:40.789

  • Crew Chief Notes
    "In the curve to the right of the tamburello variant, it is recommended that you do not excessively hit the curb of the interior since the car bounces and time is lost.
    It is important that in the Villeneuve variant, when exiting the left turn, it is stuck to the left side of the track, thus allowing us to have more travel when we face the curve to the right and therefore have a better trajectory.
    Acqua minerale is probably the most difficult area of the circuit. It is important that in the 50 sign you are pulling the car towards the first corner, do it with little brake but with enough for the car to slow down later, you must position the car in such a way that it is straight in the direction of the track and allows us to have a 90 degree angle to take the uphill curve.The white part at the end of the outer curb is a good reference for when we should start turning.
    The Variante Alta idea is to take the chicane as diagonally as possible, in this way less meters are traveled and we can accelerate with the straight wheel allowing corrections if necessary.
    the important thing in Rivazza is to make a good last corner to have a good start to the straight with the greatest possible acceleration and to have chances of passing in the first corner
    Fuel: 2.61 for 21ºC"

    Package includes; setup file (.sto), fast lap file for ghosting (.blap / .olap), and lap guide.

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