Mid Ohio | IR18 | Baseline+ (LQ)
Mid Ohio | IR18 | Baseline+ (LQ)
Mid Ohio | IR18 | Baseline+ (LQ)

Mid Ohio | IR18 | Baseline+ (LQ)

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  • Crew Chief | Liam Quinn
  • iRacing Season | 2020 S3
  • Car | Dallara IR18
  • Track | Mid Ohio
  • Setup Class | Baseline+
  • Setup Type | RACE

    Crew Chief Notes | 

    Finding success at Mid-Ohio will rely on you being consistent and safe - making the end of the race without any mistakes will often result in you being at the sharp end of the field. Constant direction and elevation changes mean that the car is often off-balance and easy to spin, so practice running just below your limit in order to preserve the car as best you can. Wear will bias slightly to the front, though tyre wear will only be an issue in hotter than track temps (120F+/49C+).

    Race Strategy
    25 laps: 2.80L/0.74gal per lap [3.05 mpg]
    26 laps: 2.69L/0.71gal per lap [3.18 mpg]
    27 laps: 2.59L/0.68gal per lap [3.32 mpg]
    Normal fuel burn: 2.75L/0.73gal per lap [3.09mpg]

    IndyCar iRacing Series
    Race length: 68 laps (approx. 78 minutes)
    Preferred strategy: 26/26/16
    IndyCar Series - Road
    Race length: 45 laps (approx. 51 minutes)
    Preferred strategy: 26/19


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