Richmond | IR18 | Baseline+ (LQ)
Richmond | IR18 | Baseline+ (LQ)
Richmond | IR18 | Baseline+ (LQ)

Richmond | IR18 | Baseline+ (LQ)

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  • Crew Chief | Liam Quinn
  • iRacing Season | 2020 S3
  • Car | Dallara IR18
  • Track | Richmond
  • Setup Class | Baseline+
  • Setup Type | RACE & Qualifying
  • Fastest R Lap | 15.761

  •  Car will develop over a run differently depending on if the car is in clean air or traffic. Due to the nature of the track, expect overtaking and following of other cars to be difficult. Be patient and as smooth as possible on and off the throttle in order to preserve tyres and avoid mistakes. Turn 2 exit is a typical place for mistakes as drivers get greedy on throttle or nip the apron through the apex. Lift earlier than you think into turn 3 and get back onto the gas early to help with rotation.

    Fuel mileage/strategy:
    80 laps: 0.875L/0.23gal per lap
    85 laps: 0.824L/0.21gal per lap

    Tyres will be far more limiting/important than fuel, but you will lose 2-3 laps under green if you pit earlier than your opposition. This makes pitting under yellow the preferred option and while an undercut strategy can gain you a ton of time, it comes at risk as you could be trapped laps down due to cautions.


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