20S3 | Road Atlanta | HPD | Baseline+ (AD)

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  • Crew ChiefAlexandre Deletraz
  • iRacing Season | 2020 S3
  • Car | HPD
  • Track | Road Atlanta
  • Setup Class | Baseline+ 
  • Setup Type | Race

  • Crew Chief Notes

    Qualif lap time: 1:12.272

    Stay safe with the cold tires in fast corner in the 2 first lap, after it's ok and you can make the TC at 7.
    The car is very easy to drive and fast after the 2 first lap ya can take the edge easily like you can see in the video. The more important in this track is to have the good trajectory and take correctly the edge. Be safe with the first edge in turn 7/8 you have only one trajectory if you don't want go off track. You need to take the right edge but no the start od the edge because you have a big bump. Watch the video for see the good trajectory ;) 

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