Suzuka | FR2.0 | Baseline+ (CD)

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  • Crew Chief | Cameron Dance
  • iRacing Season | 2020 S3
  • Car | Formula Renault 2.0
  • Track | Suzuka
  • Setup Class | Baseline+
  • Setup Type | Race

  • Crew Chief Notes

    Easy on cold tyres for the first lap or so. Car may be slightly taily in some corners and it's personal preference as to whether you use 1st or 2nd at the hairpin however 1st can unsettle the rear on turn in if you aren't careful.

    Also be aware you may need to go for the longer 7th gear option if you are hitting the limiter too early in the draft and struggling to pass as a result. If you need less oversteer drop the rear ride height down.

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    Martijn Spits
    Did not use

    Car felt strangely loose