USA | Dirt 410 Sprint (wing) | Baseline+ (AS)

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  • Crew Chief | Alex Smolders
  • iRacing Season | 2020 S3
  • Car | Dirt 410 Sprint (wing)
  • Track | USA
  • Setup Class | Baseline+
  • Setup Type | Race

  • Crew Chief Notes:
    Lakeland (USA) is a very tricky track in the 410s. With how ruff it is going down the straightaways it can be very hard to keep control of the car. In order to help you keep control, there are a few things you can do. 1 - Move lower down the straights so your out of the ruts. 2 - Hold the wheel as straight as possible. 3 - Practice. practice always helps. Also, when running the top, there is a rut on entry to turn 1 that may cause you to get tight, just try to ride it out, and do what you can. On the exit of turn 4, there is also a large rut up top that causes ALOT of problems. Try to diamond off the corner to miss it, or get as close to the wall as possible so that when you do hit it, the wall will help stabilize you and wont do as much damage as if you were 1-2 lanes off of it.

    Package includes; setup file (.sto), fast lap file for ghosting (.blap / .olap)