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For less than SIX CENTS per setup, the ALL SERIES PASS Monthly Subscription gives you access to FASTER Sets for ALL the cars we build (over 60 cars) PLUS;

➡️ Qualifying Setups Ready out of the box and capable of moving you up the grid. 

➡️ Ghost Lap Files Ghost race against our crew chiefs. See with your own eyes what they are doing and what you need to do. 

➡️ Telemetry Files - Compare your inputs directly and side by side with our crew chiefs. When do they brake? When do they get back on throttle, how much steering input do they use. Learn from them, mirror them, get faster. 

You get a faster race setup and the tools to make yourself better. The All Series Pass is just $2.75 per week (or less than SIX CENTS per setup) 

Every car we build for is included in the Pass


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great idea, Very poorly executed.

I try to download the setups on Wednesday and it says sold out. I'm current on my billing and I'm logged in. Also none of the olap or blaps are in the setup, Why? Fix this stuff please.

Gregory Bouillon

good job

Wendell Lowe

ALL Series Pass

Ted Richard

I've had no luck with your setups. Most of the time I was as fast or faster with the iRacing default setups.

John Jackson
Love the Elite setups

wish I could get one every week in the C series! Great setups your guys are doing and with very little adjusting to! Keep em coming Good Day My Friend :)