Autoclub | NASCAR Next Gen (DP)

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Baseline+ | Free stable Race Set
Driver | Faster Race Set, Q Set, Ghost Lap Files, Telemetry

  • Crew Chief | Dallas Pataska
  • iRacing Season | 2022 S1
  • Car | NASCAR Next Gen
  • Track | Autoclub

  • Crew Chief Notes:

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Brandon Wells
    very unstable

    Glad to see I'm not the only one that thought this setup wasn't very good. If driven exactly as shown in the video under crew chief notes, you will spin. Something doesn't add up.

    Ray Partridge
    Not Good

    The base + was too tight and the Driver set was way too loose didn't trust myself to run in traffic with it, so I used a slightly looser version of the base + still not very competitive with it.

    Very loose

    Unfortunately I have to agree with the others here, this driver setup is very hard to keep pointed the right direction. I barely survived the open NIS race with this, but was easily the one of the slowest cars on the track since the car was constantly trying to step out on me. I would have been better off with the default open set tbh. Perhaps it is telling that the hot lap time in the lap video is at least 5 tenths off competitive times in the official open races this week.

    Chris Scheiber
    Snappy Loose

    Unfortunately probably the worst setup I've ever used from Majors. No rear grip especially in 3 and 4. I was faster with the default iRacing Open setup because it was at least stable. I use Majors setups weekly, but this is unusable.

    nick frysinger
    Snaps loose

    Car snaps loose after a couple laps, and feels like your riding the splitter. no rear grip