Bathurst 12h Clinic (SA)

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Crew Chief | Suellio Almeida

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One hour Bathurst 12 Hour clinic with Crew Chief Suellio Almeida

Choose your session and take part in Suellio Almeida's presentation "Mastering the Mountain", how to understand the mountain and how to find predictability in the cars behavior and consistency in the endurance event.


Customer Reviews

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Steve Knight
What an asset to the sim racing community!

Suellio did a remarkable job sharing his insight in the Mastering the Mountain clinic. As most, I’m preparing for the 12 hour event and he covered the track corner by corner explaining the optimum lines while noting what to do in certain racing situations. His insight has me lapping with way more confidence and my times are easing down as I perfect what we were taught. As always, he took time to answer every question in great detail. Highly recommend if your feeling any anxiety or looking for more speed heading into the Bathurst race.

Jonathan Reed
Great Coaching!

Worked with Suellio a few times now with a lot of homework. All what Pavel says is true! Very knowledgeable and he makes it fun to learn! Id like to add racing craft. We went over one of my race videos and he is helping me gain confidence to push harder. I still have a lot to learn and this is the coach that I know will help me achieve the most my given ability will allow.

Thank You Suellio!!

Pavels Vasiljevs
Thanks Suellio!

I've been on iRacing for a few years now and have been steadily progressing over time. At some point my progress had started stalling and I couldn't figure out where I was losing time anymore. At that point I knew I needed an outside perspective of someone who is faster and more knowledgeable. That's how I met Suellio. From the very first coaching session - I knew he was the real deal. He knows a lot about the tire model, understands the physics of the sim and is able to setup a car really well. Another point I really appreciate about working with him is that he's able to highlight and explain bad driving habbits which were costing me lap time. After each coaching session I would be coming out with a lot of "homework" and would often shave off three to five tenths per lap after an hour or so of practicing on my own after the lesson. It is only after I've started working with Suellio I was able to qualify in top 5 of the grid in top splits, provided I'd put enough practice during the week. Over time, my IR increased from around 2.8k to 4k+ now. Thanks Suellio!