Charlotte | IR18 (LQ)

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  • Crew Chief | Liam Quinn
  • iRacing Season | 2022 S3
  • Car | Dallara IR18
  • Track | Charlotte

    Race strategy:
    50 laps: 1.40L/0.37 gal per lap [4.05mpg] (typical usage)
    51 laps: 1.37L/0.36 gal per lap [4.16mpg]
    52 laps: 1.35L/0.35 gal per lap [4.29mpg]

    IndyCar Road Series (133 laps):
    Preferred strategy: 50/50/33
    Fuel needed at pit stops: 116.5L / 30.5 gal (full tank + 46.5L / 12 gal)

    In-car adjustments:
    Weightjacker ++ = more rotation, weightjacker -- = less rotation.

    Avoid the apron and seams, watch for snap loose on exit of T2 and especially T4. Patience in traffic and keep ontop of the strategy.

    If you have any questions, feedback or discussion, head to the Majors Garage discord where you can either @ me or post in the #indycar or #question-answer channels.
    Majors Garage | 2022 S3 | Liam Quinn | Join the Discord! /BpeCMGT/

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    Good set for a terrible track choice

    Charlotte doesn't provide very good racing, especially once you get in dirty air. Everyone in my open race was struggling with keeping a hold of the car in dirty air.

    But when you hit the clean air, oh boy, you just pull away. Liam built a very stable set for the circumstances, and not once in race or in qualifying did the drivers set get away from me. Set was clearly a podium set in the hands of someone with 2k more irating than me.