Charlotte | NASCAR A (DP)

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Baseline+ | Free stable Race Set
Driver | Faster Race Set, Q Set, Ghost Lap Files, Telemetry
Elite | Fastest Race Set, Q Set, Ghost Lap Files, Telemetry

  • Crew Chief | Dallas Pataska
  • iRacing Season | 2021 S2
  • Car | NASCAR A
  • Track | Charlotte

  • Crew Chief Notes:

    For further questions, comments, and ANY concerns, please venture to the 'nascar' section of the Majors Garage Discord as I am regularly available and willing to help!

    Good Luck!"

    Customer Reviews

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    Charlotte Setup for the 600

    I really struggled with this setup - for me it was super tight and very slow. I was not able to keep up with cars on 30 lap old tires when I only had 10 on mine. Not sure if it was my driving or the tire wear was 50% difference between the front right and rear right .