Crandon (full) | Off Road Trucks Pro 2 (TW)

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  • Crew Chief | Travis Warling
  • iRacing Season | 2021 S2
  • Car | Off Road Trucks Pro 2
  • Track | Crandon (Full)

  • Crew Chief Notes:

    "********** Track Guide **********

    Welcome to Crandon! This is a fast and flowing track that requires very smooth and slow inputs to achieve a fast lap time. Maintaining your momentum through the corner and reducing oversteer as much as possible will be key.

    To start the lap, you go over two small rollers. The main key for these two rollers is to hit the first one as far right on the track as possible, and then to quickly flick the truck to the left as you’re going over the second roller. Doing this will set up the truck nicely for the next section.

    After the two rollers, you come into a fast left/right/left section. These corners are quite important as the final left hander leads onto a long straight. With each of these corners being so close to each other, it’ll be imperative to make sure you’re going through each one in a way that sets you up correctly for the next.

    To start, you have a quick left hander. If you went over the previous roller jumps correctly, you should now be pointed towards the inside wall for this corner. You can take this corner full throttle, so the only thing you really need to worry about is keeping the truck as far left on exit as possible. I tend to place my truck about half a truck away from the blue wall to make sure I don’t accidentally clip it with my tire.

    After the left hander, you go over the crest of the banking for the short course and into a sharp right hander. If you exited the left hander correctly, you should now be on the left side of the track. As you go over the crest, flick the truck to the right slightly. This will allow you to easily set the angle needed to take the right hander correctly.

    As you’re going through the right hander, you want to enter wide and then bring the truck as close to the inside mound of dirt as possible. Doing this will then allow you to exit the right hander on the right side of the track. Exiting this corner on the right side is crucial as the next left hander is extremely important to take correctly.

    Now that you’re on the right side of the track, you should now be perfectly set up for the next left hander. I don’t really have a good braking point for this corner, but it’s best to brake earlier than you need to initially. Braking earlier is much quicker than overshooting the corner. Once you’ve found a braking point that you’re happy with, you’ll want to focus on turning in so that you get as close to the inside grass as possible at the apex of the corner. There seems to only be one fast line through this corner, so making sure you don’t go wide is key. Once you get through the apex of the corner, let the truck drift all the way out to the mound of dirt on the right side of the track. Using the entire track on exit will allow you to carry more speed down the ensuing straight.

    Now that you’ve hopefully carried a lot of speed down the long straight, you now come up to an important hairpin. As with the previous left hander, this hairpin is extremely important as it leads onto a long straight. I like to prepare for this corner by starting my entry in the middle of the track. On the right side of the track there is a section where the dirt mound is lighter than the rest of the dirt. I brake as soon as I pass this part. As I brake, I initiate a Scandinavian flick by turning my wheel to the right and bringing the truck as far right as possible on the track. Once I’m on the right side of the track I then flick my wheel back to the left to bring the back end of the truck around. This allows me to essentially force the nose of my truck to be pointing towards the inside of the hairpin in a way that allows me to quickly power off of the corner. This corner has some banking to it, so allow your truck to stay a little wide through the corner so that you can sling shot yourself off of the banking.

    After the hairpin and the ensuing straight, we come to a fast left hander. Depending on the track state, you can take this corner completely full throttle. However, don’t be afraid to lift slightly if you find that you’re rotating too much. It’s much faster to lift slightly and go through the corner relatively straight rather than going full throttle and getting a ton of oversteer. Other than that, the key to this corner is to get as close to the inside wall as possible at the apex and to exit on the right side of the track.

    After the left hander, you come to two jumps. The first jump isn’t really a big deal for these trucks, so just focus on hitting it straight. The second jump, however, is important as it leads into a long left hander. I like to brake slightly as I’m going up the face of the jump to make sure that I scrub enough speed to be able to take the left hander correctly. You’ll see some people take this jump without braking, but I don’t think this is helpful for setting up for the next left hander. I rather lose some time going over this jump in favor of being able to take the left hander correctly.

    After the jump, you come into a long left hander. This corner goes over the crest of a hill, so it’s important to lift off the throttle slightly to reduce wheel spin. Other than that, I like to stay as far left as possible going up the hill and over the crest, before letting the truck drift to the center of the track going back down the hill. You might find it easier to run a slightly different line here, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

    After the left hander, you come to a decreasing radius left hander. I’ve seen people take this corner many different ways, so don’t be afraid to experiment here as well. I personally prefer to brake at the second access road on the right side of the track and then to bring the truck as far inside as possible through the entire corner. I find by doing this I’m able to maintain a lot more momentum than if I were to run wider. No matter what line you end up taking, the key is to make sure you don’t rotate too much on entry and to get as good of an exit as possible.

    After the ensuing jump and straight, you now end up at the final corner of the track. This tight right hander is important as it directly leads into the next lap and is also a prime passing spot for a last lap divebomb. As with the previous left hander, I like to keep the truck as close to the inside wall as possible through the corner. To do this, I brake a second or so after landing the large jump, and immediately pitch the truck sideways. I find that having the nose basically touching the wall on entry allows for me to go all the way through the corner with a really tight line. You run the danger of hitting the inside wall and flipping by doing this, so feel free to leave some more space to the wall than I do. The main thing is that you don’t leave enough space for a truck to squeeze below you.

    And with that, you start another lap. Being smooth and consistent with your line should lead to good results here. Remember to keep calm and to think about what line you’re taking and how it’ll impact the corners later in the section. Good luck!

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