Crandon | Off Road Trucks Pro 2 | 21S1 Driver (TW)

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  • Crew Chief | Travis Warling
  • iRacing Season | 2021 S1
  • Car | Off Road Trucks Pro 2
  • Track | Crandon
  • Setup Class | Driver
  • Setup Type | Race & Qualify

  • Crew Chief Notes:
    "**Track Guide**
    The lap starts by going over the finish line roller jump which then immediately goes into a second roller jump. These two roller jumps are fairly crucial as they set you up for the next 3 corners and a long straight. You want to hit the first roller jumps as far right as possible. The second you land the first roller jump, you want to then flick your wheel to the left as you're going over the second roller jump. If this is done correctly, you should be perfectly pointed towards the next left hander.

    If you took the second roller jump correctly, you should now be perfectly set up for the quick left hander. I prefer to get as close to the inside wall as possible for this corner. If you aren't comfortable doing that, running a truck length away from the wall is fine too. Whatever line you end up taking, the goal of this corner is to exit as far left as possible. This corner immediately leads into a sharp right hander, so it's important to set yourself for a good entry into that corner. You can take this left hander flat, but don't be afraid to lift off the throttle slightly if you feel you are over rotating or spinning your tires.

    If you exit the left hander correctly, you should be set up well for the following right hander. As with the previous left hander, the key to this right hander is to exit as far right as you can so you can then take the next left hander as well as possible. Just before this right hander you go over the crest of the banking for the short layout of this track. As you go over the crest of the banking, you're going to want to flick the wheel to the right to bring the rear of the track around slightly. Doing this will set you up perfectly to take the right hander in a way to exit on the right hand side.

    If you exit the right hander correctly, you should now be on the right side of the track. The next corner is a very important left hander. Because this corner leads onto a long straight, you want to exit with as much speed and as little wheel spin as possible. You can take this corner multiple ways and achieve roughly the same result. If the track is relatively fresh, you can drive this corner like you would on asphalt and get as close to the inside grass at the apex of the corner, and let the truck drift to the far right side on exit. If the track has started to slick off, you can take a wider line to avoid wheel spin on the slick. This corner has some banking to it, so you should be able to power off fairly well if you run a wider line.

    After the sharp left hander and the following long straight, you have another very important corner: the hairpin. This corner leads onto the longest straight on the track, so it's vital to get a good exit out of this corner. Unfortunately, this corner is also very difficult to take correctly. Going into the corner, you're going to want to brake early and in a straight line. It's better that you brake earlier than you need to rather than braking too late and hitting the wall and getting a really bad exit. There really isn't a good braking marker for this corner, so you're going to want to experiment with different braking points so you can find what works best for you. As you go through the hairpin, you can take a few different lines. Taking a super tight line to the inside of the corner may help if you're defending or if the track is slicked off. You won't get the best exit, but the time you gain by taking the shorter line might make it worth it if you're able to carry enough speed. Another line you can take is to run by the outside wall on entry and run up there throughout the corner. I prefer this line as it allows me to consistently get a good exit. This corner has banking up by the wall, so you'll want to let the banking catch the truck as you turn into the corner, and then slowly roll onto the throttle and let the banking give you grip as you exit.

    After the hairpin and the long straight, you enter what would be turn 1 if you're doing a land rush start. This long, sweeping right hander is very intimidating as it's mostly a blind entry into the corner. This corner is all about getting through it without wrecking or getting too sideways. It's possible to take this corner flat, but it's not the quickest way to go through the corner. It's very easy to get too much oversteer in this corner and lose a ton of time, so you'll want a slight lift going into the corner and then slowly roll back to 100% throttle as you exit the corner. If you find you're counter steering too much in this corner, you're giving too much throttle.

    After the sweeping right hander, you have a small jump followed by a flyaway jump. The smaller jump really isn't all too difficult- make sure you hit it while going straight, and make sure you completely let off the gas while in the air to prevent the nose from coming up and causing you to land weird. The flyaway jump, on the other hand, is quite difficult and can cost you a lot of time or truck damage if you do it wrong. If you take this flyaway jump completely flat without lifting or braking before it, you'll either completely miss the sweeping left hander directly after this jump (best case scenario), or go flying into the outside wall (worst case scenario). Just because you can take this jump flat doesn't mean you should. I find that if I brake a split second after I land the smaller jump, I'm able to position myself perfectly for the next left hander. If you brake early like I do, you'll need to be careful that you don't get run over from people who decide not to brake for this jump. It might be a good idea to purposely brake a little later on the first lap and purposely over jump this jump just to make sure you survive without getting him.

    After the flyaway jump, you have a long and sweeping left hander with a crest in the middle. I've found that I'm able to gain more time by entering the corner relatively wide, moving down towards the inside of the track as you crest the hill, and then moving towards the middle of the track on exit as you go over the jump. If you're not comfortable doing this, you can also run a very tight line throughout the entire corner, or run by the outside wall the entire corner. All 3 ways may be fast, so feel free to experiment. Regardless of what line you take, you don't want to take this corner completely flat. If you do so, you'll get wheel spin over the crest which will kill your exit. Make sure you're around 75% over the crest, and then roll back to 100% as you go back down the hill and towards the jump.

    After the sweeping left hander and a small jump that you can take in any way you want, you come to a decreasing radius left hander. This is another corner that you can run many different lines in depending on what's happening in the race. You can take a very tight line and run next to the inside hill, which will gain you a lot of time on entry but with the cost of lost time on exit and the following straight. You can also enter more in the middle to outside of the track and then cut down towards the inside on exit. You'll lose some time on entry, but should gain a lot of time on exit and down the straight. Regardless of what line you take, this corner is very much about throttle control and patience. If you floor the throttle the second you are pointed towards the exit, you'll be left spinning your wheels and going no where. It's absolutely crucial that you wait and let the truck rotate on entry, and then slowly roll onto the throttle once the truck is pointed where you want to go.

    Finally, after a long lap, you're at the last corner. This corner can be tricky, and can also provide some excitement at the end of the race. In order to best set yourself up for the next lap, you'll want to enter as wide as possible, and then cut across the track so you can exit as far right as possible. As with the previous corner, you'll want to patiently wait until the truck rotates on entry, and then slowly get onto the throttle as you cut across the track. If you spin your tires, you risk spinning and hitting the inside wall, or not setting yourself up correctly for the next lap. With that said, if you're on the last lap and you have someone directly behind you, I would highly recommend entering this corner as far right as possible and then doing everything in your power to stay by the inside wall all the way through the corner. Doing this will make sure the person behind doesn't throw it up the inside and hit you out of the way coming to the line. Be careful not to take the corner too fast and flying towards the outside wall though. This will just allow the person behind an easy pass.

    And that's a lap of Crandon! This track flows very well in the Pro 2, so a good lap will be one that leaves you feeling very accomplished and satisfied. Good luck!"

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