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If you need a setup for a car/ track combo that we do not currently have, we can deliver one for you within 2-5 days. If you have a specific time frame, please let us know. 

As soon as you complete the purchase you will be able to select which car and track you want as well as some general handling requests. 

You can select a custom setup for ANY car on the iRacing service. 

If you are a league and want to get a full season of setups done for your league we can do that as well. 

Customer Reviews

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Paul Joseph Clist
5 Star Set-up

Finding week 2 of the NEC a little trickery to get around and wanted to get a set-up pretty much everyone would be using the N24 using the same set-up for the week 1 and trying to get an advance set up for week 2 to work and place an order here and a fantastic set-up, The driver being on the straight could not change down my car. I ended up coming 4th for an 4 hrs race solo.

Lee Curley

I`ve tried many setups from various sources and non suit my aggressive driving style better than Majors Garage. Absolutely worth a try imo and they are reasonably priced too which is always a big plus! See you on track folks! PEACE!