Hockenheim | Mercedes W12 F1 (SA)

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Baseline+ | Free stable Race Set
Driver | Faster Race Set, Q Set, Ghost Lap Files, Telemetry

  • Crew Chief | Suellio Almeida
  • iRacing Season | 2022 S2
  • Car | Mercedes W12 F1
  • Track | Hockenheim

  • Crew Chief Notes:

    Customer Reviews

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    under fuelled! you didn't test the set in a race sim?

    I raced from 6th on the grid, up to 3rd, and had to drop to 5th by the end, saving fuel last 4 laps to make it home, costing me 13 seconds in time to crawl over the line. I could only use 6th to 8th gear last 2 laps to make it home with 0.1 L left across the line. mate you need to properly test your race set in the conditions. I went soft then mediums. I didn't report the first time this happened in season 1, but clearly happening twice you need top make sure paying customers are not doomed to run out at the end. those that didn't monitor their fuel conked out, another couple of guys didn't make it. come on lets fix this. other than this, the set turned in well to hairpin and looked after tyres well.