Indy 500 | IR18 (LQ)

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Baseline+ | Free stable Race Set
Driver | Faster Race Set, Q Set, Ghost Lap Files, Telemetry

  • Crew Chief | Liam Quinn
  • iRacing Season | 2022 S2
  • Car | Dallara IR18
  • Track | Indianapolis

  • Customer Reviews

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    Iv ran around 500+ laps of practice and it seems like the driver setup needs little bit more speed all the way around.

    Mathew Hollibaugh
    Legitimately Capable of Winning Top Split Under the Right Circumstances

    I started P14 in top split on the Saturday morning race (slot 2), and was quick right out of the gate.

    I actually was involved in a minor collision ~10 laps into the race when a car on my outside lightly tapped my sidepod and sent me spinning into the grass inside of T1 with no damage.

    I pitted for new tires and immediately got to work from ~P18.

    I was able to make moves both inside and outside as the race stayed green for an extended period of time, and eventually I found myself all the way in P3 with just over 15 laps to go and my final fuel stop completed.

    Had I not suffered a throughput connection drop in the last ~15 laps, I can say with absolute certainty that I had a real, honest-to-God shot at a top split Indianapolis 500 win. I don't think I am able to say that about any other setup shop sets I have ever used at Indy.

    Liam Quinn did a phenomenal job with this setup. Dare I say it might be his best work.

    Edit: I also noticed that I had the fastest lap of the race after I originally posted this review. This setup was friggin' *quick*.

    Wolf-Dietrich Hotho

    I only have enough fuel for 25 to 26 laps.
    What do I have to do?

    Wolf-Dietrich Hotho

    I only have enough fuel for 25 to 26 laps.
    What do I have to do?

    great Wolf

    jeremy testar
    Sets built specifically for the Majors Series Races

    This software is sold with the description, "Sets built specifically for the Majors Series Races". The truth is, this set was designed for the iRacing Official series to compete in nearly identical conditions however, it is NOT specific to the majors.

    (LQ) "Qualifying conditions are extremely close between the two (129F vs 133F) and race conditions will be very close also."

    "Times listed are for official, so you can expect Majors conditions to be slightly faster for qualifying, slightly more forgiving."

    While I am certain that this is a non issue for most, it should be stated that a set that is not factually designed specifically for the Majors may or may not be compatible with certain aspects, challenges and nuances of a Majors League series event.