Majors Spa | Williams FW31 | Elite (SN)

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  • Crew Chief | Scott Newton
  • iRacing Season | 2020 S3
  • Car | Williams FW31
  • Track | Spa
  • Setup Class | Elite
  • Setup Type | Race & Qualify

  • Crew Chief Notes:

    Quali and Race Setups attached along with Replays, Lap files to compare against.

    Try to avoid 1st Gear as it is set to the tallest setting but is too short for T1 and the final chicane.

    Quali set is fueled for 4 Laps + Outlap.
    You can run 11kg of fuel for a 2 lap flying stint as it is slightly quicker but you risk invalidating your lap/run if you invalidate.

    Race set is fueled for 2 stop strategy. 1 stop strategy is possible if you are able to be fast enough to avoid a 2nd stop.
    Brake bias may need to be tuned to your set of pedals as in my hotlap video I have it tuned to my braking style and pedals but everyone is different. When adjusting the BB in car you only have a 3% forward/backward adjustment so best to select a middle ground in the Setup screen.

    Best times achieved:
    Quali: 1:46.875
    Race: 1:47.605
    Lap 15 on the Race fuel comparison image is classified as an inlap.

    Folder that is included here is to be extracted into your ‘Documents’ folder and is formatted to directly drop files in the correct iRacing folders.

    In-depth (over 30 minute) Track guide video included with the sets.

    Best of luck for the event

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    Majors Spa | Williams FW31 | Elite (SN)