Motegi | Legacy Indycar 2009 (LQ)

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Baseline+ | Free stable Race Set
Driver | Faster Race Set, Q Set, Ghost Lap Files, Telemetry

  • Crew Chief | Liam Quinn
  • iRacing Season | 2021 S4
  • Car | Legacy Indycar 2009
  • Track | Motegi Oval

    Crew Chief Notes | 

    Race strategy:
    57 laps: 1.45L/0.38 gal per lap [4.07mpg] (typical/clean air usage)
    60 laps: 1.38L/0.36 gal per lap [4.30mpg]
    62 laps: 1.33L/0.35 gal per lap [4.43mpg]

    2021 Majors Series - Round 14 - Indy Japan 300 (200 laps):
    Preferred strategy: 55/55/55/35
    Fuel needed at pit stops: 210L / 55gal (2x full tank + 44L / 11.5gal)
    -> Aim for 55 lap stints, pit slightly earlier or later depending on strategy/traffic options avaliable.
    In-car adjustments:
    Weightjacker ++ = more rotation, weightjacker -- = less rotation.
    Front ARB -- = more rotation on entry
    Rear ARB ++ = more rotation mid-corner/exit.

    Track Tips:
    Motegi is a bit of an odd oval, both in its shape and the way it drives. Turns 1/2 you'll struggle for front end grip where as in turns 3/4 you'll enter tight and exit super loose. For turns 1/2 breathe as much off the throttle as you need to keep the line accurate and tight. Hotter temps will require more lifting, where as a cooler track (typically towards the end) will probably be full throttle.

    For the entry of turn 3, aim to lift at the 100m board on the right with light braking into 4th gear. Be super patient on throttle, focusing on being as smooth as possible on exit - both on your throttle input and steering angle used. This is extremely tricky and the very fastest drivers will excel here. If you're struggling on the exit of turn 4, aim for a higher entry into turn 3, arcing the corner so that you exit lower on the track, avoiding the transition up high. This will give you much more traction, at the expense of a loss of time at corner entry.

    Tyres on this car don't wear, but they are at their fastest when cold at the very start of the stint. As such the undercut is very powerful and can be the easiest way to overtake other cars later into the race. Dirty air exists in this car, but is nowhere close to the extent of the modern IndyCars in the service. Following other cars and overtaking is fairly easy and very possible.

    If you have any questions, feedback or discussion, head to the Majors Garage discord where you can either @ me or post in the #indycar or #question-answer channels.
    Majors Garage | 2021 S4 | Liam Quinn | Join the Discord! /BpeCMGT/

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