Road Series Pass

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The ROAD SERIES PASS Monthly Subscription gives you access to ALL Baseline+ and Driver setups for all ROAD cars that the Garage provides setups for OVER 40 CARS

The Pass also includes; telemetry, .olap and .blap files so you can ghost race against the crew chief. 

Once purchased you will have automatic access to any of these sets at no additional cost. The pass can be cancelled at any time. 

Customer Reviews

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frederik Larsen
Better than VRS

I ahve previosly subsribed to VRS, and their setups arent the best to be honest. They are really unstable and i often found my self better with the baseline+ from here than their payed setups. I have now switched to MG in stead. Suellio Almeida is the best honestly. His setups fits my style of racing sooooo goood.

Road Series Pass

For the most part the Setups are great, just a little quicker with the fine tuning to current Setups as iRacing make changes would be great.

Jessica French

Road Series Pass

Chris wilson
Easy to get competitive

The setups you get hear are very stable and are great ways to get a better setup then the iracing baselines and if your more experienced with setups these are very good base lines to work from and you will find you should not have to tweak them to much to get every last tenth out of the car so if you don’t have time to make your own setups or your not sure how to these are a great way to learn and you will be competitive rite out the gate

Juan Manuel Torresano
Great setups

I really like their setups, because you can win 2 or 3 seconds with them.